Reduce your Overwhelm

Reduce your Overwhelm

and get stuff done!

Juggling work, family & home (dream of having some me-time)?

Too much to do, not enough time to do it?

Don’t know where to start? (And as a result, don’t start anything?)

Free 5 Day Challenge: 13 January – 17 January

  • Overcome Overwhelm
    A straightforward method (all it needs is a pen and a pad of paper… and maybe cup of tea too!) that will clear your head so that you aren’t constantly going over (& over & over) all the things you could/should be doing.
  • Plan a Perfectly Productive Day:
    The key elements to successfully plan your day to that you can finish with a sense of achievement (instead of wondering how you could be busy all day but have so little to show for it).
  • Tame your To-Do List:
    Discover the 4 categories of to-do list items so that you know exactly what deserves your attention (and what can wait for another day).
  • Ditch Distractions:
    Find (and keep) your focus so that you can drop into a state of flow where tasks get done with ease.
  • Turbocharge your Time Managment:
    Learn (& then avoid) the fundamental human flaw that scuppers you (& everyone else !) from reaching the end of your to do list before the end of the day.

I just wanted to say thanks so much Natalie for your 5 Day Challenge Course.

My normal method of operation is to rush around in a dither thinking I must do this, I must do that. I procrastinate on almost everything and only really ever get going when something becomes urgent, usually in a big panic.

After following your 5 Day Challenge I am just amazed at the difference. I’m not fully organised yet of course but I am so much calmer and more relaxed it’s unbelievable. I’m really enjoying working through the things I should be doing and actually feeling in control most of the time now. I had no idea this was possible!

I thoroughly recommend this free course.



5 Training Videos


5 Worksheets

5 Live Implementation Sessions

Each day you will get an email with a link to that day’s training video and a worksheet.

I will then host a LIVE implementation session in a closed Facebook Group so that we can work through it together, share ideas, be inspired and hold each other accountable.